The Street Stix Chix retired from Technology and Corporate USA and is now combining her passion for great flavors and feeding people with her life of street bikes and stix art

“Eats with Heats on Stix with Kix”

Many of the menu items are created from authentic Greek village recipes and others are inspired by world travels

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Sample the flavors

“Nutty Honey Stix” (Street Stix Baklava)

“Sweet Balla Stix” (Street Stix Finiki/Melomakarono)

“Hot Ham Stix” with Street Stix Pickled Veggies

Street Stix whole grain rolls

“Cheesy Stix” (Street Stix tiropita)

“Nutty Honeys” (Street Stix Baklava)

“Sweet Ballas” (Street Stix melomakarono/finiki)

Meet the Street Stix Trailer

The custom Street Stix food trailer was built to our specifications by the Advanced Concession Trailers Team. Our drawings and pictures were translated into our trailer graphics by Helton Graphics

Meet the Bikes


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Dirt is fun too

Destination Bonneville

Meet the Stix Art

Meet the Chix